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Community Directory - Bendery


The town of  Bendery was founded in 1408 as a fortress Tigina (Osman Empire). Then in 1812, Bendery as part of Bessarabia joined Russia. In 1918-1940 the town found itself on the territory of Romania. In the period between 1944 and 1989 it belonged to the USSR. Beginning with 1990, Bendery is in Pridnestrovye/ Transdniestria. It is 64 kms from Kishinev. Its total population is 93,000 people.

The first references to the Jewish history in Bender are dated by the early 18th century when a synagogue was built on the fortress territory. By 1930, there were 8,000 Jews in the town, while at the end of 1980s, the Jewish population counted 6,000 people. Nowadays the Jewish population of the town and two peripheral settlements is 1000 people.

Council of Jewish Organizations.

Established – 2001.

Chairperson – Yuri Grinfeld.

Phone (373-552) - 43354

The Council unites main local Jewish organizations. Coordinates joint city events organized by the Jewish organizations.

Branch of Tiraspol Communal Welfare and Cultural Center “Hesed”

Established - 2006.

Coordinator – Liubov Strukova

Phone – (373-552) – 29504,

e-mail – This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Center “Halom” is a new community structure that unites welfare, cultural and educational programs being the successor of Hesed and JCC.

Welfare programs: Number of clients in the city (including children) – 350 • Food packages • Meals – on – Wheels • Hot meals • Fresh food sets • Home care • Warm homes • Medical equipment loan • Medical consultations • Medicines distribution • Day Center Meals distribution through shop smart-cards

The main cultural programs: Jewish holidays • Synagogue • Museum • Intellectual games • Family club • Library • Art studio • Vocal group • Dance group • Theatre studio • English courses • Hebrew courses • Women club “Chava”
Jewish Sunday school. Director – Malvina Vaiman . About 40 children attend the school learning Jewish traditions, music, and Hebrew. Religious Community. From 40 to 60 people attend Shabbat and Jewish holidays at the synagogue.