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Beltsy was founded in 1580. At present it is the biggest industrial and cultural center in the Northern part of Moldova. Beltsy is situated 131 kms northwards from Kishinev. Its total population is 140,000 people.

According to some sources, the first Jews appeared in this region of Moldova at the beginning of the 10th century. In 1580, the locality later named Beltsy was formed around a small Jewish tavern - korchma. During the second part of the 19th century, Jews made up more than 50% of the population in Beltsy and small surrounding settlements. Starting with 1989, the Beltsy Jewish community is the second biggest community after Kishinev as well as the regional center for 49 small towns and villages in the North of Moldova. Jewish population is 1,500 (plus about 400 from Beltsy periphery).

Since 2000, the Beltsy community has a twinning /p “Dor Le Dor” Welfare Foundation‐program with the Jewish Federation of Greensboro (, that supports the main projects of the local Jewry.,. The collaboration supported by JDC is aimed at the revival of Jewish life in Beltsy. The following are among the successful ventures yielded by this partnership since the year 2000:

• Building and equipping Beltsy Jewish Campus
• Sponsoring the all-Moldovan project “Let My Children Grow” through the Toleo Foundation
• Co-founding annual Jewish summer retreats for Beltsy families
• Creating a computer lab in the Beltsy Jewish Community Center
• Sending Jewish dentists to treat patients in Beltsy clinics
• Restoring and preserving the Beltsy Jewish cemetery and Holocaust monument in Pepeny
• Sending humanitarian aid to Moldova

On August, 14 2005 the Beltsy Jewish Campus dedication ceremony took place. The event gathered together 100 people, among the guests: the Ambassador of the USA in Moldova; JDC Byelorussia and Moldova Country Director; the director of JDC branch in Moldova; Chief of Bilateral Affairs Office Greensboro – Moldova; Beltsy Mayor; VIP mission from Greensboro, Beltsy Jewish Community leaders.

It was a very special ceremony because the atmosphere was charged with positive emotions and happiness. Rabbi Susie Tendler attached the mezuzah to each door in the Campus and together with the group made a tour of the place where each Jew will find peace, comfort and support. The tree of sponsors, where leaves are named after persons who contributed to the realization of this project, will always remind to the members of the Jewish Community that somewhere in the world there are people who care.

Association of the Jewish Organizations of Beltsy


Established – 1989.

Phone – (373-231) - 25270,

e-mail – This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

In 1998 the Jewish Culture Society established in 1989 was reorganized into Association of the Jewish Organizations of Beltsy. Association unites: JCC, Hava women organization, association of former ghetto prisoners, association of World War veterans, Hesed Yakov, religious community, JAFI and Israeli Cultural center branches. I∓emmailto:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. name=strongthen 2000 twinning of Beltsy with Greens 224boro Federation, USA was established. It is an important example of a small Moldovan community partnership relations with an American Federation. Thanks to the generous financial assistance of Greensboro Jewish Federation, Jewish Campus was opened in Beltsy in 2005. Jewish Campus director – Polina Raspitina.

JCC programs: Kabbalat Shabbat • Jewish tradition • Summer family retreat • Intellectual games • Hebrew classes • English classes • Family club • Youth club • Cinee-mail – Director – Svetlana Klimina. emma club • Computer classes • Jewish dance group • Applied art studio • Sport sections: tennis, che/emcolor: #3366ff; Phone - (+373) 068-16-22-16, 079-41-16-22ss • Art studio • Musical programs

Welfare Center “Hesed Yakov”

Established - 1997.

Board Chairman – Efim Groisman.

Hesed Director - Polina Raspitina.
Phone – (373-231) - 21278, fax – 26394,

e-mail – This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Welfare programs: Number of clients in the city (incl. children and periphery) – 855 • Food packages • Meals-on-Wheels • Hot meals • Fresh food sets • Home care services • Winter relief • Warm homes • Medical equipment loan • Medical consultations • Medicines distribution through pharmacy smart-cards • SOS • Day center • Hesed-on-Wheels (44 locations, 9 routes) • Club programs.

Religious community: Religious services - Roman Soibelis.  Phone – (373-231) – 27054.Up to 55 people gather on Shabbat, Jewish holidays and prayers.