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International Partnership with Peace Corps

On August 13 Peace Corps Country Desk Officer, Shayla Summerhill, PC Country Director Janet Utecht accompanied by Jason Kreiselman, former PC volunteer in Ecuador visited KJJC as one of unique long-term partners in Moldova. Meeting took place at the Museum of the Jewish History of Bessarabia and was conducted by Michael Finckel, JCC Deputy Director and direct partner of Carl Donovan, PC volunteer at the KJJC, and PhD Irina Shihova, Museum curator.

Presentation and informing the guests about KJJC structure and organizations activities was very useful for general understanding of the scale and spectrum of programs. Brief tour of the Museum gave the notion about centuries-old Jewish community history in Moldova. After this a productive discussion about the past, present and future collaboration between KJJC organizations and Peace Corps took place and revealed a significant potential and perspectives.  

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New Year and New Meetings










On January 24 KJJC organizations hosted the visit of Mr. Matthias Meyer, Ambassador of Germany in Moldova, who came with his colleagues and young volunteers from Germany. It was the 1st visit of Mr. Ambassador who just started his service in our republic several months ago.

Representatives of JDC, JCC, Hesed, NES, and ICTPD briefed our guests about the range of activities and programs that are developed in the Campus. Special attention was made at Museum of Jewish Heritage exhibition and potential joint projects that KJJC organizations could run in partnership with the German Embassy continuing fruitful cooperation in JCC Tolerance club projects.

Mr. Meyer was also invited to participate and speak out during the ceremony of International Day of the Holocaust Victims Memory that will take part on January 28 at the KJJC and we were honored by his positive answer.

“Thank you for your time and interesting facts and information I received from you”, said Mr. Ambassador. “I am sure that we can be creative enough to find jointly interesting and useful for both sides ideas for implementation.”


Meeting Partners and Friends

Two years passed and Ellen Cole (Miles Nadal JCC Executive Director) with her charming husband Mircea Popescu came back to the KJJC in the frames of the WJJCA Mentoring Program and Kishinev – Toronto partnership. We did not lose the contact during this time, but when you meet face to face it gives you an absolute another feeling and emotions of communication.

The program of the four-day stay in Moldova was as in 2010 full of meetings, visits and participation in the programs. Ellen and Mircea were please to communicate with the JCC youth and young journalists’ clubs, Museum curator, head of fee-for-service programs dpt., JCC based Peace Corps volunteer, meet with the local partners of KEDEM such as Valentin Rybitsky, Head of Russian Center of Science and Culture, Violetta Motulaite, Lithuanian Ambassador in Moldova, Nelly Proskurkina, head of educational dpt. of the Jewish Lyceum named after T. Herzl, have discussions with Mickey Katsif, JDC representative in the region, and of course, Stella Harmelina and Michael Finckel, who were accompanying them during the entire program.


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Meeting with the Guests from Hungary

For many years KJJC is developing fruitful relations with foreign Embassies in Moldova. IN 2012 we started a new page in our international relations that promises to come one of eh most successful – cooperation with Hungarian Embassy. Several weeks ago KJJC was honored by the visit of Mr. Matyas Szilagyi, the Ambassador of Hungary in Moldova, later we had a meeting wit Mr. Sandor Csikos, Deputy Head of Mission, who will take part in the Global Day of Jewish Learning presenting information about Raoul Wallenberg.

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New Guests and Old Friends

During a week KJJC hosted two high visits. The first was a representative delegation from Joint-Israel and Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the State of Israel. The group got acquainted with Hesed and NES welfare programs, JCC youth club preparing for the camps in August, activities of Museum of the Jewish Heritage of Moldova. Mickey Katsif, JDC Director in Moldova, and Michael Finckel, JCC Deputy Director, informed our guests KJJC programs and activities, plans for the nearest future, challenges and strategy. In the end impressed guests wished successes to the Jewish Home. “We enjoyed seeing your beautiful center very much on our Moldova trip and we were very impressed by the variety and breadth of the programs you offer. Please continue to invest in Bessarabian Jews and we wish you continued success!” wrote Shoshana Strauss, one of the members of delegation.

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