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Greensboro and Beltsy Continue to Be Friends

For 12 years wonderful warm relations between two Jewish communities from Beltsy (Moldova) and Greensboro (North Carolina, USA) continue serving a good example of strong ties and connections over the Ocean. The main event of the year in the community is the Summer camp “Delet” (“The Door” in Hebrew) organized in Vadul-lui-Voda (35 km from Kishinev) and supported by Greensboro. 100 people from 10 years to 70, young couples, youth, people of middle age, whole families gather to have fun, learn, get acquainted with our history, traditions, wisdom and of course to meet Shabbat. Madrichim are both from Moldova and States.

“Every year we invent something new”, said Polina, Beltsy Hesed Yaakov Director. “Thanks to JDC efforts we established a real partnership with our colleagues and friends from Greensboro and see a good perspective for many years in the future”.

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Meeting with UN Representatives

In the frames of going in Kishinev special Strategic Leadership Program seminar that is bringing together senior UNHCR staff working in countries like Algeria, Belgium, Egypt, Hungary, Italy, Switzerland, the USA and Yemen JCC KEDEM was invited to serve an example of successful policy and achievements in the sphere of cooperation with other agencies. The UNHCR Representative in Moldova Mr. Peter Kessler addressed the leadership of the JCC “to help UNHCR’s senior managers see their own collaboration issues through the lens of the successful experiences of others who have similar issues in other contexts. The discussion should take place in the spirit of mutual learning about leadership and its challenges.”

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Meeting Partners from Great Britain

The next World Jewish Relief mission “WJR 2030” came to Moldova in November. The members of the group are the next generation of donors for WJR. The professional group aged between 20 and 30 wanted to learn more about WJR's work in depth and get involved.

The program was rather intensive starting with the home visits to elderly Hesed clients, then dinner with young professionals representing the KJJC organizations. The second day was dedicated to acquaintance with Tiraspol and Bendery communities and programs where WJR’s assistance is important and significant.

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Special Visit

On June 10 for the first time Limmud Conference took place in Moldova. KJJC took one of the most active parts in this all-community event giving volunteers, art groups for opening and closing ceremonies, organizing a memorial event at the Monument to the Holocaust Victims.

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Israeli Diplomats at the KJJC

On November 1 high officials from Israel visited the KJJC. Mr. Yacov Livne, Director of the 1st Eurasia Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, visited our Campus for the first time. Mr. Oren David, Ambassador of the State of Israel in Moldova, already became our guest. Diplomats were accompanied by Stav Nezhinsky, the 1st secretary of the Israeli Embassy in Moldova.

Stella Harmelina, JCC Director, and Michael Finckel, JCC deputy director, met the guests and conducted the tour of the Campus, telling about its history, present activities and plans for the future.
“Every time I visit your JCC I confess to myself how deeply I am impressed of the level and volume of work you do”, said Mr. Oren David. “This is not just an everyday work on helping the elderly or educating the youth, this is a kind of a mission of our people important both for th Jewish community and wider society of Moldova.”
“I can really high appreciate your hospitality”, confirmed Mr. Yacov Livne. “Your Museum exhibition and modern forms of work reflecting the history of the Jewish community of Moldova, youth programs, social work of Hesed and Jewish Family Service supplement the warm and bright atmosphere of the Campus itself.”