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10 Years of Cooperation

This year one of the most successful partnership in the region between Greensboro USA and Beltsy Jewish Community marks its 10th Anniversary Jewish Federation (NC).

New group of young madrichim from the USA accompanied by experienced professionals – Deborah Kintzing, Boaz Avraham-Kats and Doug Dodd – came to get acquainted with Moldova and Beltsy and take part in traditional Family Retreat.

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“Case of Richard Wagner”, a Unique Lecture at the KJJC

It was a kind of special visit to the KJJC – Iossi Tavor is the first Secretary of Israeli Embassy in Russia and Attaché on Culture in FSU, but he is also grandson of Kishinev rabbi.

Kishinev is not just an ordinary city for me, it is my second motherland”, confessed Iossi Tavor. “My father was born here; my grandparents were killed by Nazis. That is why I am excited giving lectures in Kishinev, in your wonderful and warm Jewish Home”.

Iossi Tavor is journalist and diplomat. He lives in Israel since 1971. This time he brought a provocative and interesting theme for lecture “Case of Richard Wagner”. Around 100 people including famous local musicians and musicologists, people who are fond of classic music gathered in the Theater Hall of the KJJC to listen and take part in discussion.

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New High Guests at the KJJC

Last week JDC mission from MARCOMM Department of New York office and members of JDC-Jerusalem staff visited KJJC. The mission list included Claire Ellen Schultz, Beth Deborah Weinstein, Rina Edelstein, and Orly Doron. Visit to the KJJC was only one of the points of the program after visits to Heseds of Rybnitsa and Beltsy where guests could see the work of the programs sponsored by JDC in peripheral towns of the country.

“We are very pleased to have been able to spend time at KJJC and experience some of the programs going on there. There are so many talented professionals at KJJC it is impressive to see their work in person.
You are doing very important work and we look forward to the opportunity to see you again in the future”,
wrote Claire Schultz, Assistant Executive Vice President Global Marketing & Communications JDC

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Diabetes under JHI Attack

The goal of the current JHI mission to Kishinev (February 23 - March 1, 2009) was launching an attack on diabetes, which was successfully completed. The team included four foreign specialists: three American doctors - Joshua Barzilay, endocrinologist; Linda Fields, podiatrist (treating diabetic foot); Don Werner, ophthalmologist and an Israeli nutritionist Liat Hadar. Over 330 people benefited by the provided lectures and presentations. The estimated number of 130 was more than doubled because JHI envoys, besides the usual program in the Jewish community, participated in the Session of the Moldovan Therapeutic Society headed by Prof. Liliana Groppa, which gathered 200 participants. The professor and her colleagues have been repeatedly collaborating with JHI and Kishinev Jewish community. At the present conference local doctors had an opportunity to learn about new research directions and the practices that are only starting being implemented in the USA.

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Claims Conference Representative Visits Moldova

During December 14-16 Ms. Diana Kogan, Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany, Inc. Program Associate, visited Moldova to meet with the local Jewish organizations and get acquainted with the KJJC activities where Claims Conference is one of the most significant sponsors.
Ms. Kogan’s program included meetings with JDC Representative in Moldova, directors of the KJJC organizations, visit to Museum of Moldova Jewry History, home visit to Holocaust survivor, and discussion of several projects that were supplied to Claims for grants receiving.
“Jewish community of Moldova cooperates with Claims Conference for many years, and your input and help are invaluable”, said Michael Finckel, KJJC PR Department Head. “We hope that support of our programs and new projects will continue and give appreciable push to the local Jewish organizations self-sufficiency development”.
“Thank you for your very interesting introduction to the Moldovan Jewish community and KEDEM. All the best”, wrote Ms. Kogan in the KJJC Guest Book.