Israeli Diplomats at the KJJC

On November 1 high officials from Israel visited the KJJC. Mr. Yacov Livne, Director of the 1st Eurasia Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, visited our Campus for the first time. Mr. Oren David, Ambassador of the State of Israel in Moldova, already became our guest. Diplomats were accompanied by Stav Nezhinsky, the 1st secretary of the Israeli Embassy in Moldova.

Stella Harmelina, JCC Director, and Michael Finckel, JCC deputy director, met the guests and conducted the tour of the Campus, telling about its history, present activities and plans for the future.
“Every time I visit your JCC I confess to myself how deeply I am impressed of the level and volume of work you do”, said Mr. Oren David. “This is not just an everyday work on helping the elderly or educating the youth, this is a kind of a mission of our people important both for th Jewish community and wider society of Moldova.”
“I can really high appreciate your hospitality”, confirmed Mr. Yacov Livne. “Your Museum exhibition and modern forms of work reflecting the history of the Jewish community of Moldova, youth programs, social work of Hesed and Jewish Family Service supplement the warm and bright atmosphere of the Campus itself.”