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New Guests and Old Friends

During a week KJJC hosted two high visits. The first was a representative delegation from Joint-Israel and Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the State of Israel. The group got acquainted with Hesed and NES welfare programs, JCC youth club preparing for the camps in August, activities of Museum of the Jewish Heritage of Moldova. Mickey Katsif, JDC Director in Moldova, and Michael Finckel, JCC Deputy Director, informed our guests KJJC programs and activities, plans for the nearest future, challenges and strategy. In the end impressed guests wished successes to the Jewish Home. “We enjoyed seeing your beautiful center very much on our Moldova trip and we were very impressed by the variety and breadth of the programs you offer. Please continue to invest in Bessarabian Jews and we wish you continued success!” wrote Shoshana Strauss, one of the members of delegation.

The second visit was made by William H. Moser, the USA Ambassador in Moldova, who after his first acquaintance with the KJJC during the ceremony of US Independence Day celebration expressed interest to see the Museum of the Jewish History of Bessarabia and Moldova. During this unofficial visit Mr. Ambassador got a lot of information about the Jewish history documents and artifacts of the exhibition from Dr. Irina Shihova, Museum coordinator, saw video about tragic Kishinev pogrom of 1903. He asked many questions and showed a vivid personal interest to the destinies and development of the Jewish community in Moldova.