Meeting Partners and Friends

Two years passed and Ellen Cole (Miles Nadal JCC Executive Director) with her charming husband Mircea Popescu came back to the KJJC in the frames of the WJJCA Mentoring Program and Kishinev – Toronto partnership. We did not lose the contact during this time, but when you meet face to face it gives you an absolute another feeling and emotions of communication.

The program of the four-day stay in Moldova was as in 2010 full of meetings, visits and participation in the programs. Ellen and Mircea were please to communicate with the JCC youth and young journalists’ clubs, Museum curator, head of fee-for-service programs dpt., JCC based Peace Corps volunteer, meet with the local partners of KEDEM such as Valentin Rybitsky, Head of Russian Center of Science and Culture, Violetta Motulaite, Lithuanian Ambassador in Moldova, Nelly Proskurkina, head of educational dpt. of the Jewish Lyceum named after T. Herzl, have discussions with Mickey Katsif, JDC representative in the region, and of course, Stella Harmelina and Michael Finckel, who were accompanying them during the entire program.


Visit to Orgeev and Beltsy Jewish communities became a new experience that Ellen and Mircea had. Another special feeling our guests had during the ceremony „Person of teh Year” that JCC conducted for the second year and where Ellen became the laureat of the nomination named after Stephan Lewar, one of the biggest Canadian Jewish philantropist who donated money the the KJJC as well.

„I am deeply impressed with the passion you have and input, with the warmth that reigns in your programs and activities, with the quality of the programs in difficult times of economic and social crisis”, said Ellen Cole. „We, in North America, have to learn from you many things, you have so nice programs for teenagers and children, you develop inter-generational activities, and this impressive new Bessarabian values based concept of the Jewish Renewal programs. I leave Moldova for the second time full of emotions, impressions and new ideas of our future cooperation. Thank you once again for the privilege to be your partner and friend.”