New Year and New Meetings










On January 24 KJJC organizations hosted the visit of Mr. Matthias Meyer, Ambassador of Germany in Moldova, who came with his colleagues and young volunteers from Germany. It was the 1st visit of Mr. Ambassador who just started his service in our republic several months ago.

Representatives of JDC, JCC, Hesed, NES, and ICTPD briefed our guests about the range of activities and programs that are developed in the Campus. Special attention was made at Museum of Jewish Heritage exhibition and potential joint projects that KJJC organizations could run in partnership with the German Embassy continuing fruitful cooperation in JCC Tolerance club projects.

Mr. Meyer was also invited to participate and speak out during the ceremony of International Day of the Holocaust Victims Memory that will take part on January 28 at the KJJC and we were honored by his positive answer.

“Thank you for your time and interesting facts and information I received from you”, said Mr. Ambassador. “I am sure that we can be creative enough to find jointly interesting and useful for both sides ideas for implementation.”