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Joshua Nelson – Kosher Gospel Prince, a Special Project by the KJJC

The project “Gospel Music in Moldova” initiated by the USA Embassy in Moldova and realized by the JCC KEDEM resulted to be more than successful. It was a visit by Joshua Nelson, Prince of Kosher Gospel, and a famous musician from USA who combines in his art Jewish and Afro-American traditions. More than this, Joshua has got his roots in Romania as his Jewish mothers’ mom came to the States from this country.
The program itself included three concerts in the National Philharmonic of Moldova, Beltsy and Rybnitsa Palaces of Culture where totally about 1,500 people admired the creation art of the singer and musician. Also Joshua Nelson gave master-classes and held meetings with the students of Academy of Music, Theatre and Arts, Theater Lyceum and Slavic University in Chisinau,   University named after A. Russo in Beltsy and Pridnestrovian University in Rybnitsa for over 250 people in total. The program included interviews for three TV Channels in Chisinau and Rybnitsa. During his stay Mr. Nelson was offered tours of all the three cities and reception by the Ambassador of USA in Moldova.

The visit was also covered in Facebook pages and other social networks as well as on the JCC KEDEM site.
All the feedbacks and opinions that were given during and after the visit underlined Joshua Nelson’s charisma, energy, and talents as a musician, singer, and teacher.
“This is just something special”, said Nelly from Beltsy. “This concert will give me energy for a long time!”
“Joshua Nelson is a real energizer”, told Irina from Rybnitsa. “He charges the audience immediately. We had not such an event in our town for many years.”
“We were honored and happy to take part in the project realization and admired the four days spent with this talented person. We will be glad to meet Joshua many times in Chisinau as his enthusiasm, music, and wisdom are astonishing”, Stella Harmelina and Michael Finckel, JCC KEDEM.