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Visit of the Year

On May 24 the Kishinev Jacobs Jewish Campus was filled in by a special atmosphere. This day we hosted the Jacobs family members whose donation made the Campus possible almost five years ago.

Mrs. Joan and Mr. Irwin Jacobs headed the delegation and this time they brought their son Gary with his wife, son and daughter and daughter’s friend. The first point of the program was lunch with representatives of youth clubs and organizations of the Campus. Then our guests entered the Campus itself. It was not so easy to embrace all of dozens of rooms and programs active in the premises, but they could get at least a general picture of what is happening during a day in the KJJC.

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Guests from Far Away

Renee Friedman, JDC Associate in Sydney, Australia, who works to develop a JDC presence within the Australian Jewish community, and Naomi Levin, journalist and Deputy editor of the Australian Jewish News, based in Melbourne, visited the Jewish community of Moldova for the first time. Moldova became one of the parts of their program that also included Hungary and Saint-Petersburg in Russia


In our country they were in Kishinev and Beltsy and paid a lot of attention to the KJJC programs.


 “The story of Moldova’s Jewish community is not only very important but very inspiring. Thank you for sharing your wonderful passions with me”, wrote Naomi in the KJJC Guest Book.


 Meetings with JDC welfare programs clients who receive assistance through Hesed and Jewish Family Service, cultural and educational programs developed by JCC and Center of Training, young leaders of Hillel and Haverim youth clubs helped to build a picture of the present local community and possibly the aspirations and plans for the nearest future.


 “Thank you for your warmth and hospitality. Your professionalism and dedication is inspiring. JDC and your work with JDC symbolizes for me what it is to be Jewish”, said Renee in the end of the visit.  


JHI in Moldova – Teaching to Live

On March 15-21, there was a current JHI (Jewish Healthcare International) mission in Moldova, which turned out to be very unusual and even special. It was definitely about the quality and not the quantity, as it was a one-man-mission, but the Man proved to be extremely efficient. Dr Leon Fay had written a guide for homecare workers which was translated into Russian by Hesed volunteer doctors Elena Deseatnicova and Octavian Cenusa and published as a 150-page book Homecare Workers: How to Help an Elderly Client. During the three 8-hour seminars the book was introduced to 98 caregivers from Chisinau, Balti, Tiraspol, Bendery and Rybnitsa.

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New Meetings - New Horizons

On February 4 a meeting was conducted between Ambassador Dirk Shubel, Head of the Delegation of the European Union to the Republic of Moldova, and Dr. Dirk Lorenz, Politics Officer of the Delegation of the European Union, with Mickey Katsif, JDC Representative in Moldova, and JCC KEDEM senior staff.

During the meeting Mickey Katsif, Stella Harmelina and Michael Finckel told about the programs and activities run by “Joint” and JCC in Moldova and Kishinev and plans on 2010. Heads of the EU Delegation informed about the main sectors they support in Moldova and agreed to pay the return visit to the KJJC and take part in a row of joint events as dedicated to the Day of Europe, important international dates.

Both sides agreed to meet further and cooperate in the spheres of tolerance, educating young generation in the spirit of esteem to cultures, tradition and history of people living in Moldova and exchange of relevant information.