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The First Guest of the Year

PR-activities of the KJJC in 2010 started with the 1st official meeting with Mrs. Elena Belyakova, new General Director of Moldova Interethnic Relations Bureau.

Meeting with the JCC KEDEM leaders was very fruitful, the sides found a lot of common in the plans for the year. Conducting joint festivals for children and youth, round-tables on vivid and actual themes, exchange of plans and experience with Bureau and other ethnic communities and organizations, education of tolerance among people of young generation where included in agenda.

Mrs. Elena Belyakova also visited Museum of the Jewish History of the KJJC and generally expressed her gratitude and admiration of the level and amount of work being done in the Jewish Campus. It was decided to held Festival of Art at the KJJC and round-table at the Bureau named “2010 – Year of the Cultures Convergence” by the end of March.

10 Years of Cooperation and Help

Jewish Healthcare International (JHI) is one of the organizations that render significant assistance to the Jewish community of Moldova. However, its anniversary was marked not only by the Jewish population but by many medical institutions and doctors of our country as well.

“JHI unites doctors from Israel, USA and other countries”, told Natalia Alkhazova, JHI coordinator in Moldova. “It is an NGO for which the main profit is in assisting people”.

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Response to the Need

World Jewish Relief (WJR) is one of the most reliable partners of the Jewish community of Moldova during the last six years. The word WJR is already good known for many clients of Hesed and Jewish Family Service clients not only in Kishinev, but in Beltsy, Tiraspol and Rybnitsa as well.

WJR missions became a constant and exciting moment for the community organizations and programs participants. This time it was not exclusion. The group of WJR sponsors and staff came for intensive three days that included visit to Rybnitsa, home visits to needy Hesed and JFS clients, meetings with Hillel Students’ Club, Haverim, JCC youth club and participants of the project – Vocational Training for Vulnerable Women that is being run by KJJC Center of Training and Professional Development. On the last day two excursions – of the Jewish places of Kishinev and of the KJJC programs – took place.

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Our New Guests from Dallas

In the end of October Jewish communities of Moldova welcomed new guests 10 people who composed a representative Dallas JDC Ambassadors Mission. Visit to Moldova was the biggest part of the tour to FSU that included also Odessa and Kiev.

The group received a full picture of the Jewish life in the country and JDC sponsored organizations activities. Besides briefings and presentations by

Jennifer Kraft, Amanda Winston and Svetlana Severinskaya (JDC staff members from USA and Israel) and Michael Finckel who greeted the group on behalf of the KJJC they got a possibility to meet Hesed and Jewish Family Service clients in Kishinev and Beltsy, participants of “Haverim” JCC youth club, made tours of the Jewish Kishinev and KJJC. Meeting with Mr. Asif J. Chaudhry, US Ambassador to Moldova at Embassy, made an official part of the program.

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