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WJR: New Level of Cooperation

In September the next humanitarian mission from the World Jewish Relief (WJR) organization came to Moldova from Great Britain.

As always the group had a very intensive and diversified program that started with direct immersion into the local community life – with two home visits to Hesed welfare center clients. The next day was dedicated to the visit to the town of Beltsy, the northern capital of the country with its 2,000 Jewish population. Acquaintance with welfare and cultural programs and personally people who organize and conduct the work and beneficiaries significantly impressed the guests.

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From Motherland to Motherland

Tatiana Babushkina-Vaintraub is a person with a complicated and special destiny. Born in Kishinev, she graduated with honors a prestigious local school and then moved to Romania to marry there a boy whom she knew by correspondence. In 1982 together with two daughters and husband’s parents they made a difficult for Chausescu times aliah to Israel. There she again started from zero. During these almost 30 years Tatiana, professional journalist and PR-specialist worked for Zionist Forum as Natan Sharansky’s press-secretary, headed campaigns of Ariel Sharon and Ehud Barak for the “Russian Street” of Israeli society. Now she leads the 1st in the state PR-agency “Glasnost”.

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Avigdor Liberman: Visit to His Native Places

“Independently of who will rule in Moldova we’ll estimate the choice of Moldovan people”, said Avigdor Liberman, Foreign Ministry of Israel during his meeting with the local Jewish Diaspora. The meeting took place at the KJJC in the frames of an unofficial visit to Moldova.

Mr. Liberman talked about the foreign police of the State of Israel and situation in the Middle East, perspectives of relations development between Israel and Moldova, answered many questions about visa regime for Moldova citizens, economic and political situation in Israel, ways of solution of Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

During the visit Avigdor Liberman also went to Orgeev, the native town of his ancestors and visited there the old Jewish cemetery.

Friends Indeed Come to Children in Need

If somebody comes on a welfare mission on her birthday, it means she does want to help. In our case the woman’s name is Nancy Press, Occupational Therapist from Long Beach, California and she worked in Moldova as a member of JHI (Jewish Health International) team, which included three more women no less devoted to children with special needs. The others are Linda Nathanson-Lippitt, Pediatrician (Special Needs) from Atlanta, Georgia and two Israelis - Malka Stoler, Physical Therapist and Vicky Petrov, Speech Pathologist. As always, the translation and interpretation for the mission was performed by Hesed volunteer doctors Elena Deseatnicova and Octavian Cenusa, the logistics was provided by JHI Coordinator for Moldova Natalia Alhazova. It was the third JHI Pediatric mission based on the experience of the previous two and moral support and donation of Susan Schriber-Orloff, OTR/L from Atlanta, Georgia.

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