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Partnerships - World Jewish Relief


World Jewish Relief (, established in 1933, has consistently developed its remit to provide relief, rescue and renewal in line with the needs of the times. Today, it is concentrating its efforts in the FSU, Eastern Europe and Argentina. In partnership with the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee (JDC) and local communities, World Jewish Relief (WJR) is funding Jewish community centers and welfare centers.
Starting in 2004, about 30 shipments with humanitarian aid were delivered under the long-term project “Humanitarian Aid to the Moldovan Jewish Community from WJR”. The total market value of the aid is over $2,500,000. The shipments contained clothes for adults and children, fur coats and caps, shoes, blankets, hygiene products, sewing machines, stationery, toys, computers, beans, etc. Sending glasses for people with poor eye-sight became a special part of the project. Over 1,500 glasses were received with gratitude from London.
The success of the long term Gifts-In-Kind project refers to willingness of both sides of supporting needy people and high professional level of project implementers.
Over 30 welfare organizations received humanitarian aid from WJR, which means that 5,000 needy Jews and 2,000 non-Jews received significant material help and moral support. The aid was distributed among the Jewish (85%) and non-Jewish (15%) needy beneficiaries (about 40 tones of beans were distributed in proportion 50 to 50%).
Three minibuses for the local Jewish welfare organizations were brought in the frame of “Mission Impossible” project.

 Last years WJR has supported new projects: Home Repairing in Kishinev and Tiraspol, Health Preservation project in Tiraspol, GiK for Hesed and NES clients, Vocational Training for Children and Young People with Disabilities, Livelihood Development Program at the ICTPD.