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Partnerships - Posner Family's


Posner Family's (Pittsburgh, PA) grant has become one of the most significant private donations in the development of Jewish welfare programs in Moldova. There is a special category among the needy patients of the welfare programs in Moldova. They are in an even worse situation than many others – homebound people who are deprived not only of physical mobility but of communication with friends and relatives. Thanks to generous support from the Posner Family, the Day Center program was launched in Tiraspol and Rybnitsa and expanded in Kishinev and Beltsy. Day Center buildings were constructed in the first two cities and special vans were purchased to bring clients from villages as far as 130 km from Kishinev and Beltsy. In 2005 Henry Posner III and Anne Molloy came for opening of Day Center premises and plaque dedicated to their assistance to Moldova Jewish community was mounted in the newly built Kishinev Jacobs Jewish Campus.